24 hours in Groningen, experience the city

Monday 9 March 2020 4 minutes reading time

24 hours in Groningen, experience the city
Photo: Prinsenhof

The city of Groningen never sleeps. So now wonder that when you look outside in the morning you can see people on their way to work but also people going home after a fun night out. So what are the best things to do and places to visit in one day in Groningen?

In the Morning

To start off the day right it is best to get a nice breakfast in one of the many delicious bakeries. Boer Bart opens at 7 AM and serves delicious breakfast, the best energizer for the day.

Foto: Thom de Bie (Discover Groningen)

After Breakfast we recommend visiting the Groninger Museum. The Museum of art and art history has two parts: One permanent exhibition and one part with changing exhibitions.
Since the Museum is right next to the Central Station you can have a look at the stunning station building and the statue in front of it: The Peerd van Ome Loeks.

After visiting the first places in Groningen it is time for lunch. Are you looking for a different kind of place to eat? We recommend Wadapartja.

In the Afternoon

Your energies are back up after lunch, so it is time to continue the tour. Part of your afternoon can be spent on the nicest shopping streets in Groningen. We recommend starting with the Folkingestraat. From there you can stroll over the Vismarkt. With luck there is even a market to check out. Another must-visit in Groningen is the Martinikerkhof and the Martinitoren.

On your way from the Vismarkt to the Martinitoren, you pass the heart of Groningen: The Grote Markt. Here you can see the City Hall (Stadhuis van Groningen). The Forum Groningen is a must-see when you visit Groningen. Make sure you go to the top floor: From the viewing platform you have a breathtaking view over the city. To finish this cute picturesque tour have a stop at the Prinsentuin.

Foto: Alexander Postma

In the Evening

In the Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat you can find a lot of little cafés to take a little break. Enjoy a coffee or tea at N°25 before heading to the University Building. Its facade is beautiful and very Instagram worthy. If you feel like having a nice cold drink before dinner have a stop at De Pintelier. It’s ambiance is perfect to chill before having dinner at De Pijp Wine&Dine. If you prefer a place to eat Fish and Vegetarian dishes we recommend Brussels Lof.

Foto: Dokjard

At Night

After Dinner you are ready for a night full of fun in Groningen. A very nice place to have a cocktails after dinner is Mr. Mofongo or The Stockroom. After that you can find your way through the Drie Gezusters. The Drie Gezusters is spread over 3 different buildings with several floors, so try not to get lost in here. But don’t worry: It is fun and diverse! Definitely a must-visit. To finish your night in Groningen choose a place to dance all night long.

Foto: De Drie Gezusters

You can stay at the Drie Gezusters or go to THE party street in Groningen: The Peperstraat. Either way, there is no place to party like Groningen. To make sure that you don’t miss out on any events on your day in Groningen you should check beforehand.

And then unfortunately it is time to leave this incredible city. But instead of being too sad about it, you think of the amazing time you had and the memories you created. You are sure this was not the only time you visited the city and you are already looking forward to the next time.

Ines Oliveira

This article is written by Ines Oliveira

Ines studies Linguistics and Spanish in Bremen. She enjoys writing, researching and photography. The passion for those three things and her studies brought her to Groningen.

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