7 x vintage shopping in Groningen

Monday 2 March 2020 3 minutes reading time

7 x vintage shopping in Groningen
Photo: Stella Dekker (Marketing Groningen)

Why buy new, when there are stores full of cool clothing from the 60s. Groningen is full of vintage and second-hand stores. It is not only sustainable, but you feel like a time traveler among all the vintage items.


But where do you buy vintage items? Of course in Groningen! For example at Viva! Vintage. The name says it all, Viva! Vintage sells vintage clothing from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The store has just been opened by owner Joyce. Joyce has a passion for vintage and photography. With this creativity she knows exactly how to set up the modern store. Also take a look at Viva! Vintage’s Instagram account .

Foto: Viva! Vintage

Onder de Linde is another second-hand clothing store in Groningen. You can find Onder de Linde in the Steentilstraat. The owner Agnes opened the store in 2013. It is a store where art and vintage come together. Onder de Linde offers accommodation to artists and second-hand clothing. Agnes sells unique vintage clothing, shoes, accessories and even furniture.

In addition to good clothing inspiration, the Stardust sisters also give you the chance to buy vintage clothing in their Stardust store. The range in the store consists of vintage, new items but also remade items to create the perfect outfit.

Foto: Stardust

FIND is located at the Damsterdiep. The owners Mieke and Simone are known for their honest and good advice. In the store you will find qualitative second-hand clothing in all shapes and sizes. Mieke and Simone ensure that the store always looks tip top with a changing shop window, from which you can get your inspiration.

You can also shop second-hand items at Vintage Island. They have a large collection of jeans, sweaters and shirts in different colors. Vintage Island is a stone’s throw away from the other vintage stores.

Foto: Vintage Island


Anyone who says that shopping is not a sport is wrong. Especially Vintage shopping is like looking for a needle in a haystack, until you find the perfect item of clothing. Fortunately, Groningen helps you a bit with events such as VINO KILO and Klein Berlijn.

VINO KILO is a recurring event that is organized throughout Europe. At Vino Kilo you can not only shop but also get a lot of inspiration from all the unique people that are walking around.

Klein Berlijn is organized twice a year in the Markets of Groningen. You will not only find second-hand clothing here, but also interior items, old cameras and much more.

Let the vintage shopping begin!

Foto: Stardust

Lisanne van Essen

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