Minibiebs: Little free libraries in Groningen

Tuesday 24 March 2020 2 minutes reading time

Minibiebs: Little free libraries in Groningen
Photo: Pepijn Koning (Discover Groningen)

Because of all Corona-virus measurements Forum Groningen is closed until the 1st of June. Currently all the libraries in Groningen are closed. For some people that means they don’t get to read new books anymore. But there is a way of enjoying books for free: “Minibiebs”.

The Minibiebs in Groningen are little outside “libraries” where you can lend a book. They are distributed all over Groningen. The concept is simple: You can simply take a book out of the small collection. You can also leave a book, if there are any from your own book collection that you don’t want anymore. This little concept is especially nice, now that the libraries are closed. It gives book lovers a way of still reading new books and sharing their books with others.

If you want to know where all those Minibiebs are located you can check out the website of the Forum Groningen: On the website they are gathering all locations of the Minibiebs in Groningen. If you know one that is still missing on the map, you can send the location via the form.

In case you prefer to not go outside, you can also order lots of books online. Support your locals by buying at Warenhuis Groningen, Boekhandel Riemer, Godert Walter and Van der Velde. Or buy an Ebook at Bol.com.

Ines Oliveira

This article is written by Ines Oliveira

Ines studies Linguistics and Spanish in Bremen. She enjoys writing, researching and photography. The passion for those three things and her studies brought her to Groningen.