3D impressie: Nijestee

About Lampisterie

In the Grunobuurt in Groningen, housing corporation Nijestee is currently building the Lampisterie. The apartment complex is being built between the Paterswoldseweg and the Grunostraat. The building will have 101 social rental properties. A small part of the homes will be made suitable for young people with disabilities.

All houses are built earthquake-resistant. Since the complex will be connected to the collective heat supply of Warmtestad, it will also be completely gas-less. This project takes into account birds and bats: forty nestboxes for swifts, fourteen for home sparrows and fifteen for bats will be built.


Function Appartementencomplex
Architect Diederendirrix
Year of construction 2018
Status Under construction


Paterswoldseweg 132A
9727 BK Groningen