Hoge en Lage der A

Hoge en Lage der A

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Photo: Thom de Bie (Discover Groningen)

About Hoge en Lage der A

Hoge der A en Lage der A are two picturesque streets in the centre of the city of Groningen. These streets run along both sides of the A-Canal between Brugstraat and Visserstraat. These streets owe the names “Hoge” and “Lage” to the quays, which are high on the east side and low on the west side.

Until 1877 the influence of the sea was noticeable in the city, but after the damming of the Reitdiep that was no longer the case. Until then, the high quay was used for unloading ships at high tide and the low quay at low tide.

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Hooge der A