De Beukenhorst

De Beukenhorst

Photo: Team 4 architecten

About De Beukenhorst

De Beukenhorst is a senior apartment complex that is being built for the Patrimonium housing association. The complex has 15 floors with 60 apartments. 40 of these apartments are rented out by the Patrimonium housing association, so-called social rental properties. The remaining 20 apartments are realized by ZINN. These apartments are assigned to people with a care indication.

A residential care center will be realized next to the residential tower. Both buildings are connected by a beautiful park. If everything goes according to plan, the tower will be finished in the spring of 2020. After the construction of the residential tower, the Municipality of Groningen will start constructing the surrounding park.




Height Circa 50 meter
Function Seniorenappartementen
Architect Team 4 architecten & Oving architecten
Year of construction 2018
Status Completed


Beukenlaan 36