St. Joseph Cathedral

St. Joseph Cathedral

Photo: Alexander Postma

About St. Joseph Cathedral

The St. Joseph Cathedral, also called St. Joseph Church, is the cathedral of the Groningen-Leeuwarden diocese. It is also one of the churches from the Groningen St. Martin city parish.

The church was designed by the architect Pierre Cuypers, with contributions by his son Joseph Cuypers. It was build from 1885 until 1887 in a Neo-Gothic style. The church leadership ordered it to be a replica of the St. Viktus church in Bussum, but 1.5 meters higher. Cuypers wanted the tower to be designed by him. The tower is rather peculiar for the north: It has a steel hexagon with an open spire.


Radesingel 4
9711 EJ Groningen

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