Photo: Stella Dekker (Marketing Groningen)

About Pepergasthuis

The Pepergasthuis is a courtyard in the centre of Groningen. The official name is Geertruidsgasthuis, but it has always been known as the Pepergasthuis, after the name of the street on which it is located, the Peperstraat.

The Pepergasthuis was founded in 1405, after the Siege of Groningen in 1594, the complex was given a new purpose. The guesthouse became a residential complex for older people. They received not only housing, but were also taken care of.

In the course of the twentieth century, more and more homes in the complex became vacant. The purchase sum was increasingly becoming a barrier. In 1954 it was therefore decided that the houses could also be rented, after which the vacancy quickly disappeared.


Peperstraat 22-10
9711 PE Groningen