Nieuwe Markt Groningen

Nieuwe Markt Groningen

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About Nieuwe Markt Groningen

The Nieuwe Markt is a new square in the city centre of Groningen. It is situated at the east side of the Grote Markt, the center of the city. The square was designed after the east wall of the Grote Markt was renewed. The square wall was reduced to the pre-war building line, which created space for a new cozy square.

The square opened on the 29th of November 20219, together with the. Forum Groningen. However it is not finished yet and there are still many buildings under construction. In 2020 the square will be finished and accessible from the Grote Markt. On the square you can find the Forum Groningen, but also several restaurants, for example Het Feithuis. Under the square a bicycle storage is situated. It can be used free of charge.


Nieuwe Markt
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