5 Events worth visiting in March

Monday 2 March 2020 2 minutes reading time

5 Events worth visiting in March
Photo: Blokes

March is a great underrated month: Spring is starting, the days get longer and the weather finally gets better again. What better way to celebrate it than by visiting some nice events?

No matter if you are looking for a fun party, some nice vintage shopping or an exciting sports event. Read further to see our top five events this month.

Klein Berlijn

On the 8th of March the vintage market Klein Berlijn takes place. At Klein Berlijn you can buy second-hand clothes, jewelry, furniture, books and even LPs. The event usually takes place twice per year on the markets of Groningen. But due to the weather, this time it will be held at De Suiker. There will be so many exhibitors, you won’t even know where to look first. At this event you will be able to listen to local DJ’s and eat snacks from local food stands.

Foto: Stella Dekker (Marketing Groningen)


The Wonen&Co exhibition is turning 15 this year. This anniversary will be celebrated with a lot of new inspirations and trendsetting designs for your home. The theme of this four-day-long event is Feelgood. The exhibition is held from the 12th until the 15th of March at the MartiniPlaza. You can buy discounted tickets online.

Whisky Festival Noord-Nederland

We have another event turning 15 this March: Whisky Festival Noord-Nederland. The Whisky Festival will take place from the 27th until the 29th of March in the Der Aa-Kerk. On each of these four days you can try and learn more about Whiskey. But you can also be part of a workshop, choose from several special arrangements or have dinner or lunch at the event.


GLOW is THE party this March. Get ready to party all night long on Saturday the 28th of March. Dance to Urban, Hip Hop and R&B music at Blokes.

Foto: Pepijn Koning

Dutch Basketball Cup Final

Is Groningen going to win the Dutch Basketball Cup? Donar is playing against Aris Leeuwarden in the MartiniPlaza. It is the big Derby of the North. Go support our Groningen Basketball Team at the Dutch Basketball Cup Final on the 29th of March!

As you can see, there are several fun events this March, so get out and enjoy this delightful month!

Ines Oliveira

This article is written by Ines Oliveira

Ines studies Linguistics and Spanish in Bremen. She enjoys writing, researching and photography. The passion for those three things and her studies brought her to Groningen.