Thai Jasmine

Thai Jasmine

Photo: Ines Oliveria ( Discover Groningen )

About Thai Jasmine

Thai Jasmine is the first authentic Thai restaurant in the city of Groningen. From spicy curries to mild wok dishes full of vegetables, there is something for everyone. In addition to Thai food you can also find Thai beers at Thai Jasmine. Or you can opt for a cup of jasmine tea.

At home you can also enjoy the delicious flavors from Thailand. Bangkok Street Food is located next to the restaurant. When visiting Thai Jasmine, your senses are stimulated with the Thai flavors and scents.


Gedempte Zuiderdiep 19 9711


+31 50 313 350 2

Opening hours

Monday From 16:30
Tuesday From 16:30
Wednesday From 16:30
Thursday From 16:30
Friday From 16:30
Saturday From 16:30
Sunday From 16:30