Shop safe at the Groningen Markets

Wednesday 29 April 2020 3 minutes reading time

Shop safe at the Groningen Markets
Photo: Stella Dekker (Marketing Groningen)

You can find a lot of markets in Groningen, especially in the city centre. You can visit the markets almost every day of the week. At the open air markets you can buy fresh food from the vendors. Even now during Corona times the markets still take place.

To protect the sellers and the buyers everyone has to make sure to follow the market rules especially made in these difficult times. The spaces between the market stands are bigger now then usually. Nevertheless keep in mind to keep the safety distance and only touch what you actually want to buy. Just like anywhere else the best option is to pay by pin now. Keep reading to find out where and when the markets take place:

Markets in the city centre

Check out the nice fresh market at the Vismarkt and the A-kerkhof on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. On each of these days you can visit the market from 9 till 17. At the various stands you get to choose from fresh fish, bread, vegetables and meat. You also have special stands like a Greek stand selling delicious Greek products or a biological vegetable stand.

From the Vismarkt you can walk straight to the commodity market at the Grote Markt taking place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Even though this is not a fresh food market it is still worth a visit. You can find very diverse stands here.

On top of that you can visit every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month the Ommelander Markt. It takes place at the Harmonieplein from 10 till 17. At this special market farmers from around Groningen (50km maximum) show and sell their sustainable, conscious and mostly biological goods to all people interested.

Foto: Pepijn Koning

Markets in the neighborhoods

In the neighborhoods of Groningen you can find everything you need from food to clothing and kitchen accessories at the commodity markets. These markets take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

On Wednesdays you can find a market at four different spots. For example at the Overwinningsplein from 9 till 13. You can visit the Reitdiephaven market from 12 until 18 at the Reitdiephaven. See all the delicious food and more at the market in Lewenborg on Wednesdays from 9 till 17. If you live near the Korrewegwijk Floresplein you have a market right around the corner from 12 till 18.

Every Thursday you can visit the fresh food market in Beijum at the Stoepemaheerd from 9 till 12, in Hoogkerk you also have a market near you from 13 till 18. You can also go to Vinkhuizen for a market every Thursday from 9 till 17.

No matter which one you choose you can surely find all the things you need for your perfect dinner. Fresh and directly from the stand. It is a great alternative to buying food at a supermarket. And in case you go a little before the markets close you can even get a few products cheaper like daily bread or vegetables.

Ines Oliveira

This article is written by Ines Oliveira

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