Discover Groningen Photos of the Year

The end of the year is in sight, in the last month of the year we are looking for the most beautiful photos of the city of Groningen in 2021. During the year we selected the best pictures weekly with our ”Photos of the week”, but in December we are going bigger. Through this competition we choose the two most beautiful photos of the year One photo is chosen by the public, and one photo by our professional jury consisting of photographers from Groningen.

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Discover Groningen Photos of the Year Discover Groningen Photos of the Year Discover Groningen Photos of the Year Discover Groningen Photos of the Year Discover Groningen Photos of the Year Discover Groningen Photos of the Year

Vote for the most beautiful photos of Groningen in 2021

2021 was a year in which a lot has happened. At the beginning of the year there was a curfew and it was possible to skate on the Groningen canals and lakes. During the year, the city came back to life, with the highlight: the reopening of the bars and restaurants. Groningen could finally sparkle again! This month we will once again highlight the most beautiful photos, and everyone can vote for the photo of the year.

How does this competition work?

From November 29 to December 5 it is possible for everyone to nominate a photo, this may be a photo from yourself or someone else As long as this photo is posted on Instagram in 2021.

All photos that have been in our Photos of the Week this year have been automatically nominated for the desired title “Discover Groningen Photo of the Year”.

From these nominated photos, 20 photos will be selected by a professional jury. 97 / 5.000 Vertaalresultaten You can then vote on these photos from 8 to 29 December (this period is extended). The photo with the most votes wins the audience award. In addition, the jury itself also chooses the photo that they believe is the most beautiful of 2021. This photo wins the jury prize. Together, these two photos form the “Discover Groningen Photos of the Year 2021”.


In addition to eternal fame, the makers of the winning photos will win a gift voucher of €150 to spend at Foto Sipkes in the Poelestraat.

We will raffle two framed photos from the photo of the year contest of your choice among the voters. These prints are framed and offered by Fotofabriek.

Practical information

Important data

  • From November 29 to December 5 it is possible to submit your own photo, or to select a photo from somebody else’s Instagram.
  • From the 8th to the 29th of December 23:59 it is possible for everyone to vote for your favorite photo(s).
  • The winners will be announced on the Discover Groningen Instagram account on the 30th of December between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

Expert jury

The jury will consist of:

Harmen van der Vaart – Harmen is a photographer and filmmaker, specializing in portraiture, travel, architecture and events such as weddings.

Marion Stoffels – Marion has been an outdoor (drone) photographer and videographer for over ten years. She captures the Groningen landscape, organizes photo tours, workshops and does photo shoots for companies and weddings

Rianne Mellema – Rianne works in healthcare and takes photographs in her spare hours. Recently a photo of her appeared on the cover of photo magazine Zoom, and her postcards are even for sale in Forum Groningen.

Dillen van der Molen – Dillen takes pictures in the city almost every day. An interesting fact is that he is partially sighted, but still takes the best pictures. He currently also has a photo exhibition in the ophthalmology department of the UMCG.

Alexander Postma – Alexander is one of Discover Groningen’s regular photographers. He shoots photos of businesses, architecture and also makes beautiful photos of Groningen from the air with his drone.

In short, a very expert jury with a lot of knowledge about and experience with photography.

Competition rules

  • You can submit one photo per person.
  • It is possible to select a photo of someone else by submitting the Instagram URL of the original photo. (Note: the profile must be public)
  • The photo was posted on Instagram in 2021.
  • The photo is in color.
  • The photo was taken in the city of Groningen.