How to support local businesses in these difficult times

Wednesday 18 March 2020 4 minutes reading time

How to support local businesses in these difficult times
Photo: Deon Prins (Marketing Groningen)

Local restaurants in Groningen had to close their doors since Sunday. But this certainly doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy the specialties and products of your favorite restaurant or shop.

To help each other through these difficult times a lot of different campaigns are arising in the city. You can also contribute by helping the local companies. Many Groningen companies come up with creative solutions to continue selling their products. Will you help those companies to get through this difficult time?


Beans & Grapes, the wine and delicacy shop, declared that they deliver their products contactless to your home. An order can be placed by sending an email, then you pay via Tikkie. You can also order your favorite drinks at Slijterij van Erp by mail. This way you can enjoy wines and delicacies at home to get through this period at home. Wine shop Barrel is also busy ensuring that their wines can be delivered to your home. Keep an eye on their social media channels.

Foto: Ines Oliveira (Discover Groningen)

The shop Your daily tea cup thinks along with you. Your daily tea cup offers a 15% discount on everything in the collection, both in-store and online. So that you can keep buying tea. If you want something sweet to eat while enjoying your tea, then Smaakaron is the right place. Smaakaron tries to provide pick-up and delivery options. They will keep you informed on social media.

Mary Jane Shoe Boutique completely updated their web store and even offers to send additional videos and photos of the products. You can also buy gift cards with an extra 20% value.

Dinner vouchers

Many restaurants and cafes that have closed their doors are happy to welcome you again as soon as they can open again. That is why Du Nord, Javanese Eetcafé, Vive la vie, Bodega y tapas Groningen and De Groene stoel offer dinner vouchers. You can return these as soon as they are open again. The best part? You get more value back than you paid for it, in some cases you even get a free dish.

Foto: De Groene Stoel

Discount on orders

Some companies offer a discount when you place an order. At Wadapartja you can get a voucher and at a Rå økologisk salatbar you can get a discount. At Wadapartja you can order delicious sandwiches and at Rå salatbar healthy dishes and juices.

Delivery and pick-up

Other catering establishments point out that you are still welcome in this bothersome period, even though they are closed to visitors. These restaurants don’t want you to be without your favorite dishes, so now they deliver the food to your home. This is possible at Thai Jasmine, Brussels lof, The Smoothbrothers, Pure, Blokes and Doppio, for example. Dinercafé Soestdijk has put together a special takeaway menu. Also call them for the possibilities.

Catering company Cook-ing is busy preparing meals. Every day before 9:00 you can indicate what you would like to eat that evening and then they will cook that for you. The meals can be picked up between 16:00 and 19:00.

Foto: Blokes

As you can see there are enough companies that come up with a creative solution, so they really need your help. Without these companies Groningen isn’t Groningen, which is why it is important to get through this difficult time together. Always adhere to the government measures for pick-up and delivery.

Does your favorite store remain open in a unique way during this difficult time? Let us know. And don’t forget to support the local businesses! 😃

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