The impact of the Coronavirus on Groningen

Friday 13 March 2020 2 minutes reading time

The impact of the Coronavirus on Groningen

The whole world is under the spell of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). By now the necessary measures have also been taken in the city of Groningen. Public locations such as cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, museums, concert halls, theaters and sports clubs are closed. Many locations in Groningen will remain closed until at least the 20th of May, the advice is to stay at home.

Major tourist attractions such as the Groninger Museum and the Forum Groningen will remain closed until the 1st of June 2020. All events are canceled until the 1st of June. Some of the events will be postponed. So check beforehand whether the event on your agenda is taking place. On our site we will update this data as much as possible according to the newest information, but always check the website of the companies for current information.

The coronavirus also has a major impact on studying in Groningen. Both the University and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences close their doors for all physical education and exams. Study places such as the University Library are also closed. The Hanze University buildings will remain open for other activities.

For the lastest up-to-date information about the virus, we would like to redirect you to the official site of the National Government.

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